Yearly experiment roundup

I've been working hard all year to push my craft and make beautiful art. I feel so lucky to have the technology to make my ideas real. Looking forward to another year of running down the spiral!

Octane Render

I just got an Octane rig and ohhh, it is rocking my world.

I can fly around a 4 million poly object with a displacement in real time.


A year of experiments

After a year it's finally time to unload all these late night experiments.


Optical tricks

This is a classic optical trick. It's impossible to tell exactly which direction the object is rotating because there's no shadow or depth perspective. 

Usually if you're more of a left brain thinker you'll see it rotating right. If you're more of a right brain thinker you'll see it rotate left.  

Indra's Jewel

Just a test in c4d reflections. 40 bounces back and forth between 3 rotating icosahedrons.



Part of an ongoing obsession with Phi.

Here are some tests for a stained glass window I'm hoping to make next February.